chill out. explore. connect. enjoy.

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Welcome TO Pesona

The perfect place if you are looking to chill out, explore the island, connect with the locals, and enjoy some of GT’s nightlife. This small resort was opened because we wanted open-minded travelers who love style and quality to have a safe and affordable home in the Gilis. We firmly believe that we must protect our planet and work with our local communities to keep the Gili islands beautiful and thriving. You will see this in practice when you stay with us. Our values and actions make us who we are: honest, thoughtful and engaged. It sounds a bit strange to describe Pesona as both chilled-out and lively – but that’s what it is. Early mornings and lunch times are buzzing with divers, afternoons are quiet, and when the lights come on in the evening… the place becomes magical for cocktails and great conversations until midnight. We have created a space where you can meet people, make new friends for life or retrieve and enjoy some much needed romantic one-on-one.



What does Pesona sound like?

Don’t expect to hear muzac, hotel jazz, commercial pop or Indian meditation tunes. It’s not the style of the house! When it comes to music we don’t like predictable so each week, Jen selects and adds original, world and eclectic tunes as she does the accounting. Nothing that you will hear is played elsewhere on this island. It’s a compilation of songs and instrumentals with unusual beats and unexpected noises (like a cow bell) to get you in the mood… And to do that we change our playlist 4 times each day and get a DJ in on the regular to get you dancing by the pool (or in, if you feel like it).

Follow our playlists on Spotify to recreate your island experience:

Rise & Shine On: music to fuel your fire as you kick start your day

We Got The Sauce: this shit goes with everything

Sunset Vibes Is So Played Out

Bop Bop: tap your foot, swing your hips, get down with these bad ass tunes

What is the meaning of the indonesian word pesona?



Magical Formula







Have you found better room rates on another site? We doubt it, but in case you do our team is happy to offer you the same rate. Still have questions? Drop us a line:

Dive & stay

Dive holidays made simple! Different packages for all levels from 2-5 nights. Contact us for a custom experience.

spa packages

Want that relaxing holiday in luxurious rooms and an all day spa experience? Azure Spa in Pesona Resort has the oasis you need.

promo packages

From the all night partier to the active adventurer Gili T offers vodka joss and sheesha to paddle boarding and snorkelling.