vibrant & hearty food

we believe to put fun in your food is to put fun in your life!


because normal is boring

We want to bring colour to your life! And we try our best to do that with our food, creating delicious and weird dishes to chat about, growing our own eatable flowers, or transforming some old classics into more interesting dishes…

BUT we never compromise on taste or quality. We do our best to source everything we can locally (for example, we get all our bread from Nico, the local baker) but we also import the produce we know can’t be found here (e.g. good wine). And there is all the food that we make freshly each day, like our homemade yogurt, jams, dips or chutneys.


COMMITTED to your decisions, but FLEXIBLE in your approach

We cater well to vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. If you have a specific diet, please do tell us and we’ll do our best to help… just keep in mind that being on an island has its challenges so there might be things you’ll need to bring with you. Just drop us an email to tell us what you need at and we can start to make things happen!

We serve breakfast until 3:30pm and start lunch at 10am…. seems confusing? Trust us, you’re going to love being able to refuel on a juicy Moroccan burger at 10am or on a healthy smoothie bowl at 3:30pm, especially after a long night out or a beautiful dive.