A Guide to Pesona Beach Resort’s Indian Menu

Indian food is a delicious mystery. Ordering this cuisine can be a daunting experience, especially if you know nothing about the different dishes from different regions of India. But nevertheless Indian food is a culinary adventure which everyone should try. Pesona Beach Resort is the only place on Gili Trawangan to find Indian food, so what better way to explore the menu than here at Pesona Beach Resort!

We’ve created a guide to help you through ordering your first Indian meal:


Indian food is heavy, so we wouldn’t recommend ordering an Indian lassi unless you know you’ll be eating light. A lassi is a yoghurt and milk drink blended with fresh fruits, similar to a smoothie but not as thick.

Masala Chai tea is spiced and sweet. The perfect treat after your Indian meal.



Samosas are Indian pocket food. Spanish food has empanadas, Polish food has pirogies, and Indian food has samosas. Samosas are a pouch of vegetables, chicken or any other meat cooked in a crispy, flaky flour shell. These small treats are served with chutney and dipping sauces to add flavor to your meal. Samosas are not typically spicy, but you can ask your server to increase the spice or add a spicy dipping sauce.

Chutney and raita are what you’ll be dipping your samosa in, but these dipping sauces can be used for other dishes too. A “chutney” is a sweet red (tamarind) or sour green (mint or coriander) sauce made with spices, fruit and/or vegetables. Raita is a yogurt-based sauce used to cool off spicier dishes.

Naan is a fluffy Indian flat bread. Served warm, naan is absolutely amazing. You can dip your naan into chutneys or raita or into any of the curries or sauces that come with your dishes. Naan can be ordered in different flavors, like buttered naan, garlic naan, or chicken naan to name a few. Naan is meant to be enjoyed throughout the meal, so eat it however you’d like!

Pakora is a battered fried vegetable starter. It can be meats, but usually this Indian dish is vegetables. If you like anything tempura, you’ll love pakora. Pesona’s Indian menu has onion pakora, mixed vegetable pakora, and chicken pakora.

Papadom is an Indian fried lentil cracker served as a thin, crispy, disc-shape. Papadom is meant to eat with chutney and raita but because of it’s thin texture, you can eat it plain like a potato chip!


There are many curries to choose from on an Indian menu, food is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and finding a dish without meat is easy. First you should decide if you’d like to eat non vegetarian or vegetarian curry. After that, knowing Indian cuisine vocabulary will help you navigate the menu. Here are a few words you should know before choosing a dish:

Masala: a spice mixtures ground into a paste or powder (a spiced sauce)

Saag: a traditional creamed spinach

Vindaloo: very hot, flavorful dish seasoned with ground-roasted spices and chilies with vinegar and/or tamarind

Chicken Tikka: chicken cut into little pieces

Tandoori: anything that’s roasted in a tandoor

Daal: lentils

Paneer: Indian cheese

Aloo: “potato”

Gobi: “cauliflower”

Mutter: peas

Jeera: cumin seed

Tikka: small pieces of meat or vegetables

Knowing these terms will help you navigate the menu. For example, when you see a dish called “Aloo Gobi Mutter” you know it is a dish with potatoes, cauliflower, and peas tossed in some type of curry. If you see Chicken Tikka Masala, it means small pieces of chicken tossed in a spiced curry (masala). All Indian dishes at Pesona Beach Resort are served with a side of rice.

This beginners guide to our Indian menu will help you find the dish you are looking for!

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