A Guide to Pesona Beach Resort’s Indian Menu

Indian food is a delicious mystery. Ordering this cuisine can be a daunting experience, especially if you know nothing about the different dishes from different regions of India. But nevertheless Indian food is a culinary adventure which everyone should try. Pesona Beach Resort is the only place on Gili Trawangan to find Indian food, so what better way to explore the menu than here at Pesona Beach Resort!

A Guide for Being A Sustainable Traveler

For the month of June, our resort is highlighting ways to be more sustainable in your everyday life. Sustainable travel means making small choices to lessen your impact on the environment of your destination. While your choices make a small difference in your life, it could collectively have a huge impact. For travelers visiting to the Gili Islands, we have tips for how to be sustainable even before you pack your bags and leave. This means more plastic, less waste, and being more conscious about your travel plans. 

6 Ways to Reduce Waste on Gili

The Gili islands are the ideal vacation spot for someone looking for beautiful beaches and a taste of the island life. Here on Gili Trawangan we are devoted to keeping Gili clean and saving its resources. Being environmentally conscious might not be a priority as you stay in Gili for only a few days, but even you can make a difference! Some tips to create less waste include…

12 Things to Do In Gili Trawangan When It’s Raining

So you’ve spend all month planning the perfect getaway to Gili Trawangan with activities to do in the sun like surfing, lounging at the beach with your favorite drink and riding bikes around the island. But when you get off the boat at the harbor, the sky is grey and you start to feel rain. You may feel your vacation is ruined, but there are many activities you can do while it’s raining.

Brand New Rooms at Pesona Resort & Dive Central Gili

Pesona Resort has been a part of Gili Trawangan for more than 9 years. Already a well established restaurant and resort, they now house us (Dive Central Gili), the newest dive shop on the island and you can live here too, well, during your short holiday visit you can anyway! We now have a newly extended swimming pool ideal for diving but also offering guests the chance to relax even if they are not diving.